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3 Ways to be Healthy in 2016

2016: A fresh start.

Don’t we all tend look ahead and dream of a future self: a fitter, leaner, healthier future-self?

A new year can sometimes be enough of a reason to spur us on, giving us energy to accomplish new and daunting tasks. It may give us the motivation to go on a Pinterest rampage, pinning all our favorite healthy recipes, exercises, and pictures of perfectly sculpted abs and butts to keep our eyes set on the prize.

However, as many of us well know, once the mid-March blues roll around, the fact of it being “a new year” may not be as motivating anymore!

The list of 20 or 30 new lifestyle changes may just be too overwhelming of a change. Too many new habits can be discouraging and will make you want to quit.

So instead of trying too much too quickly, here are 3 simple ways to step into this New Year with a fresh new start:


1) Eating Healthy: Look for Green!

So many foods on store shelves these days are starchy, fatty, and full of sugars. Most of these foods are yellow, white, canned, and boxed. While you’re grocery shopping, look instead for the color green: fruits and veggies like broccoli, kale, limes, arugula, peppers, peas, artichoke, fennel, and spinach! The more greens you put in your cart, the less space will be left for yellows and whites, cans and boxes!

Here’s a hint: Go to the produce section first, before going to any other isle! 

Staying healthy in 2016 means going Green!


2) How to Stay in Shape: Walk!

One of the biggest enemies of exercise in America today is a car. We drive everywhere! And let’s face it – even if something is a couple of streets away, we tend to drive out of laziness or because it’s “faster to just drive there”. You don’t need a full set of fancy workout clothes: grab a jacket, backpack, and put those legs to good use!

Walking is one of the best exercises for improving the body’s energy levels, boosting metabolism, and it’s an easy way to stay in shape, which doesn’t require a Gym membership!


3) Use your Insurance!

Go to your doctor for regular check-ups! I know, none of us really love it, but at least you’re putting your insurance to good use! Many insurance plans include one free doctor visit per year. It’s the least you can do.

Happy Healthy Living in 2016!


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