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5 Helpful Tips to Watching Your Weight During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here to kick off the holiday season, distort our impulse control, and wreak havoc on our waistlines. Whether you’re preparing the meal for the masses or a lucky guest at someone else’s table, here are a few mindful tactics so that you can avoid the predictable holiday weight gain and diet sabotage, all while effortlessly watching your weight.

1. Stick to your routine.

Thanksgiving is a day like any other, so there’s no excuse to let your good habits fail you long before you reach the dinner table. Get up at a reasonable time and exercise before the festivities begin. You’ll spark up your metabolism to process all those tasty treats later in the day and put yourself in the holiday spirit by alleviating any unnecessary stress. Let your routine work for you. You’ve worked hard for this!

2. Don’t skip breakfast.

It’s tempting to save all your calorie counts for the big event, but it’s more strategic for your metabolism and sanity to eat breakfast like any other day. Try some yogurt to get your digestive track running smoothly and some fiber to keep you full and focused to prevent over-indulging on those delectable hors d’oeuvres.

3. Remember your portions.

Instead of chowing down on everything in sight, pick out the seasonal favorites that only grace the table once a year, then portion out reasonable servings of each dish. Remember to select some of the healthier options too, like fresh vegetables and juicy, white-meat turkey to round out your plate.

4. Save room for dessert.

Who are we kidding? The best part of Thanksgiving is the promise of something sweet waiting for us at the end of feast. Resist filling up on seconds and thirds and save room for a little treat to top off the holiday. Leftovers will be there, and in some cases taste even better, the next day.

5. Remember why you’re celebrating.

Thanksgiving is the ultimate time to be thankful for what we have and to celebrate that with who we love. It’s easy to lose sight of that while stressing out over your diet or exercise routine. This holiday isn’t really about the food. It’s about being grateful for a good year and hope for the next one. Keeping this simple and important tip in mind, you can become a pro at watching your weight during Thanksgiving without obsessing over every little detail. It comes down to common sense, making good choices, and being thankful.

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