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5 “Real Reasons” Why You Should Call in Sick to Work

Calling in sick to work was never meant to be a crime. The day that every tickle in the throat, sneeze and tummy ache became a reason to skip work is the day that it became an excuse, rather than a necessity. In realty, calling in sick is often the translation of too much drinking the night before or just pure laziness. In order to rescue the sick call from its current excuse status, here are the real reasons to call in sick to work.

Leaking and Seeping

If the nose is running like a faucet and a cough is hacking up enough phlegm to clog a sink, call it in. The more liquid that is escaping the body, the higher the chance of spreading germs. Green or yellow mucus is a sign of infection-fighting white blood cells, however, infections in mucus are more contagious once the symptoms disappear and the mucus becomes clear.

Toilet Time Overload

When someone has spent more time with their toilet during the day than any other piece of furniture in their house, then work may not be the best option. Two possibilities come with too much quality toilet time, vomiting and diarrhea. Both of these uncomfortable experiences leave the body extremely dehydrated, which can make a daily routine at work hard to handle.

Red and Crusty

If eyes are highly irritated, red or crusty, avoid the embarrassment and call in sick. Not only can infected eyes be visually unappealing to customers, clients and fellow workers, but pinkeye is a high possibility. Pinkeye is highly contagious and cannot go away with a trip the the doctor and antibiotics.

Achy Breaky

Once a person gets the flu, white blood cells release proteins to fight the infection. These proteins are responsible for causing aches in bones and joints during sickness and recovery. Calling into work is essential because, if an individual works too hard, the body will have to work to repair the aching joints, which takes away from the fight against sickness.

Appetite Shortage

If someone is going through extreme appetite loss, it is a sure sign that the body is fighting against sickness. Even if someone does not feel queasy, they should call into work. Going through an entire work day with no food in the system can weaken the body even further. When the immune system launches a response to sickness, it causes changes in the body’s hormones, which can affect the appetite.

Calling in sick to work is not an excuse, a free pass or a crime, but an opportunity to let the body heal and get through those unfortunate sick days that everyone has to go through.

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