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5 Ways to Turn Happiness into Life Success

Ask anyone what will make them happy and they can come up with a few dozen instances that will turn their life around and create happiness. The problem that many people encounter however is on that journey to happiness the target keeps moving. What originally was a target for happiness seems to move further away as you begin that quest.

The secret to getting that happiness soon is to simply feel happy now and then work on that target after the fact. This strategy of reverse in order tricks the brain to thinking you are already happy and you simply must reach that target in order to stay fulfilled. When the brain is in a positive state, every business, educational and personal relationship goal is much easier to attain. Here are 5 ways to have your happiness into life success.

Exercise Every Day

Exercising each day can train the brain to believe that reaching your small goals will help you to continue to enjoy happiness. The way you do this is by exercising at least ten minutes each day. If you are running or walking on the treadmill, set the day one goal to five minutes and reward yourself when you achieve that goal. Tomorrow’s goal will be six minutes, then seven, as you build up the strength and stamina to move a little further each day. The goals will be easy at first, and will train your brain that the small steps towards success are what ultimate happiness is all about.

What Are You Grateful For?

Purchase a new journal and write down each day three things that you are grateful for. This can be as simple as being grateful for the eyes to see or the ears to hear. Each day when you force the brain to focus on abundance and things that make you happy, what happens is you train the brain to look for more of these reasons to be grateful throughout the day.

Only Focus on the Positive

When you are focused on the positive, you are in a sense focused on happiness. This is the easiest way to reach success in life. Every night spend a few minutes writing in a journal about a positive experience you had today. When you get into this habit each day, you go from being a task oriented thinker to a meaning oriented thinker. Over time your brain will look for more meaning out of life rather than never ending to do lists.

Send a Positive Email

Start your day off by sending someone that you work with an email that thanks them for their efforts. This can be someone in your office, a customer, or a business associate. Increasing your feeling of supporting one another you get yourself closer to the ultimate happiness. When you’re feeling this happiness first thing in the morning, you set the wheels in motion for having the most successful kind of day.

Slow Down and Meditate

Stop each day and allow yourself two minutes to breathe in and out nice and slow. The negative emotions will literally wash from your body. Meditation helps to relieve the body of stress and raises your awareness levels. When you incorporate a combination of each of these five techniques every day, you set a course in motion to the ultimate life success.

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