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8 Natural Tips to Fight a Flu or Cold

Unfortunately, there is no cure for the common cold of the flu, and for many of us these are annual occurrences. Over the counter medications are a great way to combat the symptoms of a cold or the flu. However, there are natural remedies; here are eight you can try at home.

Note – these are natural remedies that help you fight the flu or the cold. For those who don’t have flu like symptoms, but want to prevent from catching the flu, we recommend taking a flu shot. Currently, our office is taking flu shots for only $10 a shot. Call us to setup an appointment. Walks in patients are more than welcomed.

First, help drain your nasal passages. Whether it is blowing your nose or using saline sprays, loosening up the congestion is a must. You don’t want to have sniff mucus back up in your nasal passages possibly increasing your risk for sinus and ear infections.

Second, it is very important that you stay rested. This is because resting, after you first get the flu, will direct your body’s energy to building up your immune system to better fight the infection. Although often neglected, getting adequate sleep and rest is the best way to fight both the cold and the flu.

Third, you can give gargling a try. Gargling is great for a sore throat because it moistens the throat, which brings you temporary relief. So, what are you waiting for, test it out! Try using a teaspoon of salt in a cup of hot water, four times per day. Or, you can gargle tea that has tannin, as this will tighten the membranes.

Fourth, drinking hot liquids is a must when you have the cold or the flu. Hydration will keep your nasal and airways better moisturized and the heat is often soothing. This treatment will relieve nasal congestion, protect against dehydration, and sooth your sore throat.

Fifth, getting a humidifier or taking a steamy shower is another great way to treat the cold or the flu. In fact, after you get out the shower or use a humidifier at night while sleeping, your nasal passages and airways will be moisturized. This not only will relax you and give the congestion feeling temporary relief, but the moisture will often calm the airways and can help with that nagging dry cough.

Six, try to avoid flying when you have the cold or the flu, unless you absolutely have to. This is because the change in air pressure will create extra pressure in your ears and sinus cavities causing pain and prolonging the inflammation. Remember, better to be safe than have your infection turning into something serious.

Seventh, sleeping with an extra pillow underneath your head is another great way to help alleviate your symptoms. Basically, this elevates your head and lets gravity take effect. This helps drain your nasal passages. But, if it feels uncomfortable, try putting the pillows between your mattress and box spring to make the elevation less noticeable.

Eight, exercise. Exercise is more of a preventative measure with moderate exercise tending to boost your immunity and helping prevent a cold or flu. When your quite sick exercise is probably not an option. However, when you are on your way to recover or have recovered regular exercise is a great combatant for your common cold or flu.
Nobody likes getting a cold or the flu, but these things happen and you have to be ready. Taking over the counter medications can help, but remember natural remedies are available, and work great when you want to get rid of that nasty infection.

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