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Drink More Water in 2018

Looking for a health-related new year’s resolution? Consider trying to stay more hydrated in 2018 for even better health outcomes.

Water, Water Everywhere… But Do You Drink Enough?

Hydration: we need it to stay alive, but it’s almost incredible how little attention so many of us pay to the way we get our daily water intake. Millions of Americans swap water for soda or make similar choices around their hydration that leads to decreased overall health and even some serious conditions down the line.

Experts have disagreed for decades about how much water we’re supposed to take in each day. Years ago, the old adage was “8 glasses per day” — but this maxim is likely flawed for a number of reasons. First, that’s probably more than is actually necessary. Second, it discounts the fact that our bodies absorb hydration from sources other than straight H2O. And finally, I don’t know about you — but I have glasses in all different sizes, which makes that “8 glasses” figure pretty enigmatic.

All that being said, there’s no question that a quick way to improve your nutritional habits in the new year is to make sure that you’re getting enough water on a daily basis… and making smart choices about what you have to drink with your meals, as well.


Strategies To Stay Hydrated

Ready to commit to a lifestyle that keeps you adequately hydrated? Let’s look at some ways to keep you on-track and feeling good.

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Yes, fruits and vegetables are dense with water — the same kind of water that comes out of your tap! Believe it or not, fruits and veggies are not only an important and healthy staple of your daily diet, they can also be excellent sources of hydration depending on the fruit or veg you choose. For people who don’t really like to chug large quantities of water each day, this is a very viable option to stay hydrated.

Use A Refillable Bottle

  • Plastic water bottles aren’t just a terrible burden on our ecosystem, they’re also not the most efficient way to keep your thirst at bay. Consider buying a refillable nalgene or metal water bottle that you take with you to work or school. Having it with you is a constant reminder that you should be drinking water, and the resultant reduction in plastic waste is something you can feel great about at the same time.

Use Meal Time As Hydration Time

  • Nutritionists today think that meal time is a great opportunity to get your hydration in, since you’re already in the mode of consumption. Try to put down two medium to large sized glasses of water with each meal you eat, and one glass with a snack you’re having.

It can be hard to remember to fuel our bodies with the necessary amount of water each day, but once you get in the swing of things and notice how much better you feel, you’ll have these new and healthier habits for life. Here’s to a much more hydrated 2018!

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