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Five Simple Health Habits That Can Change Your Life

A lot of the changes in our lives happen beyond our control, but our health shouldn’t be one of them. We easily fall into the false perception that creating a healthy body is difficult or even impossible.

Don’t let your excuses hold you back. We’ve all heard the same ones:

  • “I have bad genes, so it doesn’t matter if I exercise.”
  • “I’m too old, too busy, and too tired.”
  • “I tried it before last January and only lasted a week.”
  • “It would take hours every day for years to reach my goals, so why bother?”

The reality is that good health is made of small habits that add up over time. Like a snowball, if you start your habits rolling now, then they will grow and produce lasting effects.

Walk an extra block every day. Our bodies were made for walking, but most Americans spend their time sitting instead. It is easy for people to get through an entire day with only 1,000 steps, whereas a healthy goal is closer to 10,000 steps.

Keep a workout log. Whether you run or simply walk around the block, take the time to jot down how far you went that day. This is a great way to stay on track and stick to your plan.

Spend one week tracking your diet. At first, this one seems like a daunting task. Most of us eat a lot of different things every day. Once you start, however, this quickly turns easier. We eat mostly the same things week after week, so remember that only logging one week or two is necessary.

Sprint during your workout. Sprinting is one of the best methods of increasing metabolism and reducing fat. Start with an interval, say 15 seconds. Sprint for that duration and then jog for another 45. Repeat 4 to 5 times. As your fitness level increases, increase the intervals as well. If you aren’t a runner, then don’t worry. Sprinting still works in the pool or on a bicycle.

Supplement the gaps in your diet. Americans aren’t known for their healthy eating habits. For example, if you don’t eat fish, then you may be missing the health effects of omega-3 fatty acids. A doctor can tell you which supplements in particular will most benefit your personal health.

As always, any diet and fitness plan will benefit from the input of a medical professional. For questions, feel free to contact Urgent 9 to find the strategies best suited for your body and your life.

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