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GE 16 Slice Lightspeed CT Scanner

Introducing Our Latest Tool: The GE 16 Slice Lightspeed CT Scanner

The SC Physician Group is proud to announce our latest cutting-edge medical tool for providing our patients with the highest possible levels of care: The GE 16 Slice Lightspeed CT Scanner. This powerful scanner will allow us to deliver faster, more accurate scans at affordable costs.

Computed Tomography Explained

CT scanning is an extremely useful diagnostic technique that gives physicians an insightful look inside the human body. Like most CT units, the Lightspeed scanner relies on X-rays to visualize the body’s internal structures. Unlike earlier imaging systems, a CT scanner rotates the X-ray source and detector around the body, assembling multiple two-dimensional images into a more enlightening cross-section view. With computer image processing, the data from the scanner can even be assembled into three-dimensional representations of the internal structures!

The Benefits Of The GE Lightspeed Scanner

As implied in its title, our new Lightspeed scans sixteen “slices” of the patient with every rotation, with a distance of 0.63 millimeters between slices. This model is part of GE’s fourth wave of CT scanners, featuring vastly improved features for patient comfort and professional utility. The Lightspeed scanner is faster than previous models and is designed to minimize the patient’s total X-ray exposure. The scanner is also designed to maximize patient comfort and ensure the greatest possible degree of precision. With an easy-to-understand set of breathing lights built in, the Lightspeed scanner offers our patients the least-stressful CT experience possible.

A Window Into The Human Body

Thanks to the incredible accuracy of this scanner, we can now perform a wide range of diagnostic scans. The Lightspeed scanner gives us the ability to search for embolisms, tumors, and other problem structures in the head, heart, and lungs. (It’s also ideal for examining complex fractures in three dimensions!)

At the SC Physician Group, we’re dedicated to delivering the best possible care to our patients. By investing in our own GE Lightspeed CT scanner, we’ll be able to provide faster, more accurate, and more reliable diagnoses to all of the people we serve.

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