How much does urgent care cost?
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How Much Does Urgent Care Cost?

Your urgent care visit cost may be higher or lower than your neighbor’s depending on the services you need. That’s to be expected; in a functioning economy, complex services cost more than basic services.

In the hospital industry, however, common economic sense has been turned on its head. One of the many reasons patients have turned to urgent care is the reasonable, rational cost of this type of medical service. Learn why urgent care with Urgent 9 costs considerably less than an ER visit for comparable or superior care.

Urgent 9 care cost breakdown

Exact costs of urgent care visits and services vary, but we want to provide you with a general idea of what a visit to Urgent 9 might cost. You want to feel as secure as possible when you have a medical emergency, so knowing the costs associated with Urgent 9 care ahead of time will provide peace of mind. Please view our full price list for more details:

  • General consultation: $150
  • Injections: $50
  • General medical procedures: $75-350
  • Medical imaging: $100-400

Remember that all these costs are up-front. No insurance, no problem.

Average cost of urgent care visit vs. ER

Hospitals have made a habit of making ER visits seem like they’re free and springing unbelievable costs at the last minute. A simple procedure may end up costing thousands of dollars once all the fees, costs, and taxes are applied, and without insurance, a few minutes of emergency care at the hospital could bankrupt you.

Not so with urgent care clinics. While these next-generation medical facilities can’t provide all the services that traditional hospitals and emergency rooms offer, going to an urgent care clinic first might save your financial freedom. In the event that we can’t treat you as well as a hospital, we’ll immediately transfer you to an appropriate facility.

How do our costs compare?

According to debt.org, an average urgent care visit costs $100-150, and some clinics may charge $200 or more per visit. While that might seem like a significant chunk of change, remember that medical care is inherently expensive. Exposure to generationally-hiked prices for medical care has simply atrophied our ability to gauge the true value of medicine.

For instance, no emergency room visit should cost more than $500. Even with high-end hospital equipment, saving a life or providing urgent care simply isn’t that expensive. How much does debt.org say that the average patient pays per ER visit, though? $1,389 in 2017.

Urgent care cost without insurance

How much does urgent care cost without insurance? About as much as it costs with insurance. Medical insurance should only serve as a cushion when expenses become too great to bear⁠—you shouldn’t have to rely on insurance for everyday medical care.

Many urgent care clinics accept insurance, but even uninsured patients only pay minimal fees compared to the artificially inflated costs of hospital care. For decades, insurance companies have worked with medical providers and drug companies to force treatment costs higher and higher, leaving the consumer in the lurch. Urgent care is the solution⁠—and it’s needed urgently!

Is cash-only urgent care better?

To balance out the patients who use insurance against those who don’t, clinics that accept insurance generally have higher fees. Clinics like Urgent 9 that only accept cash, however, are able to keep their prices lower and fairer.

Why is urgent care less expensive?

Urgent care visit costs are much lower than those associated with ER visits, but why? The simple answer is that the hospital industry has become hopelessly bloated by bureaucracy and blatant greed.

Rather than following the Hippocratic Oath and providing selfless care, modern hospitals are unfeeling machines that exploit the most vulnerable. Urgent care brings the humanity back to the art of saving lives and soothing wounds.

It’s also true that urgent care clinics reduce costs by offering limited services. Operators of these medical establishments, however, don’t pretend that they’re running fancy hospitals with machines that cost half a million dollars each. Rather, Urgent 9 and clinics like it are content to serve as nets that catch potential victims of modern medical excesses before they end up paychecks-upon-paychecks in debt.

Save on necessary care with Urgent 9

When your life is in danger, you want to be certain you can trust the people who have been tasked with seeing you through this critical time. Everyone knows these days, however, that hospital bills can hurt you even more than your original injury or condition. Something has gone wrong with contemporary medical care, and it’s time for good people to stand up and be the solution.

The next time there’s an emergency in your neighborhood, we want you to reach out to Urgent 9 for a helping hand. Our cash-only model keeps things simple and affordable, and our treatment facilities and imagery equipment are top-of-the-line.

Whether you need routine medical care that could easily rack up exorbitant bills or you need a capable helping hand when you’re in the grip of pain and fear, Urgent 9 is there to help. Save 818.662.7000 in your phone, and call Urgent 9 whenever you want capable medical care for a fair price.

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