Season change causes sickness
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How To Avoid Sickness When the Seasons Change

Many people are aware that changes in weather can lead to a general feeling of sickness. Some people are known to experience a headache or to feel dizzy when a tornado or a hurricane is approaching. Others may feel nauseated or have ringing in the ears. These symptoms have been associated with the changes in atmospheric pressure when a storm is approaching or seasons change.

What are Common Symptoms Caused by Weather Changes?

Common symptoms caused by changes in weather are as follows:

  • Irritability
  • Unexplained feelings of stress
  • Decreased appetite
  • Unusual tiredness

Some women are known to experience hair loss during the fall months. Autumnal hair loss is seasonal and should clear up on its own, but if the problem persists, be sure to visit a hair loss specialist.

Why Do Sudden Weather Changes Affect Your Health?

If you make sudden temperature changes in your environment, your body’s resistance to germs may be weakened as it struggles to maintain its temperature balance. Changing weather can place a strain on your immune system and make it more susceptible to infections. That’s why seasonal changes can lead to sickness and flu cases.

What Can You Do?

No one enjoys being laid up in bed for days waiting to recover from the flu. Below are several ways you can help prevent illness from changes in the weather system.

Take Your Vitamins

Vitamin C is especially important in supporting the immune system and preventing colds and the flu. If you are already sick, Vitamin C can help you recover more quickly. Because Vitamin C is water-soluble, it is impossible to achieve dangerous levels in your bloodstream.

The Power of Zinc

Zinc is another good vitamin that can help ward off colds and the flu. Zinc can be found in seafood such as oysters and shellfish as well as in bran cereals.

Dress Warmly

FePay attention to yourself when the seasons shift. If you feel cold in lightweight clothing items, try putting on more layers.

If you know that the weather is about to make a sudden shift, be preemptive and take extra Vitamin C. If you can, take time out during the day to replenish yourself with a short nap. Listen to your body and slow down when you need to.

When You Need a Healing Touch

Even with your best efforts, you may find yourself unable to ward off the symptoms of a severe case of the flu. If you are unable to recover from change of weather sickness symptoms, be sure to contact Urgent 9. We can help you determine the best route to regain vibrant health again.

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