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How to Ease Allergy Symptoms

With new green leaves, spring flowers and warmer weather, spring is a wonderful time of the year. However, for many allergy sufferers, it is the start of misery – runny noses, sore throats, itchy eyes and hay fever. Many people with spring allergies have year-round symptoms, but these allergy symptoms can greatly intensify when the pollen flies.


What Are Allergies?

Allergies are the immune system’s false reaction to pollens, pet dander and other triggers. The immune system may perceive the pollen in the same way that it does a virus and respond to it in a similar manner.

Pollen is a very fine powder that is often airborne; it can be breathed in and trigger an allergic response. Allergies will be worse on days when the pollen count is very high or during windy weather when pollen becomes airborne.


Options for Allergy Relief

There are some options for relief that can help allergy sufferers feel better during this time of the year. The key is to avoid the pollen as much as possible. Limiting time outdoors – especially during the morning and on windy days – can make a difference.

After being outdoors, changing your clothing, taking a shower and washing your hair can help you avoid contact with pollen. Keeping windows closed and using an air conditioner can assist with spring allergy relief as well.


Allergy Medications

Allergy medications are available, which can very effective when it comes to controlling or reducing allergy symptoms. The most common types are antihistamines, but some older types of this medication can cause drowsiness.

Nasal sprays can help with more severe nasal allergies, and allergy shots can help your body build up resistance to your allergy triggers and provide long-term allergy relief. Urgent 9 is glad to help you with your seasonal allergy needs.


Don’t Wait Until Symptoms Start

The key to controlling allergies is to be proactive; make sure you have taken your medication prior to being exposed to your known allergens. Some medications can require several days before they are effective, so this takes some advance planning.

Spring allergies can cause uncomfortable symptoms, but with knowledge and planning, there are many options for preventing your allergies from controlling your activities. Please contact Urgent 9 and our medical staff can assist you with your springtime allergies.

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