Is a Blood Type Diet Right for You
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Is a Blood Type Diet Right for You?

The Blood Type Diet, created by Peter J. D’Adamo, bases the idea that eating a diet based on each person’s blood type can make them healthier and lose weight. D’Adamo asserts that the body will digest food at a better rate and help prevent disease and boost energy if an individual only eats foods that will react well to their blood type chemically.

Here are the foods that Peter J. D’Adamo recommends for each blood type:

Type O blood: A high-protein diet with large amounts of poultry, lean meat, vegetables and fish. D’Adamo recommends a low amount of dairy, grains and beans for this blood type, and advises supplements that help with digestion.

Type A blood: D’Adamo recommends a diet based on whole grain, fruits and vegetables, beans, legumes and no meats due to the sensitive immune system of this blood type.

Type B blood: This diet should include a large about of low-fat dairy, green vegetables, certain meats and eggs. Individuals with this blood type should avoid chicken, corn, tomatoes, peanuts, lentils and sesame seeds.

Type AB blood: Since individuals with this blood type typically have low stomach acid, their diet should be high in green vegetables, tofu, dairy and seafood and contain no alcohol, caffeine and cured or smoked meats.

Exercises for each blood type are as follows:

Type O blood: Brisk cardiovascular and strength training benefits this blood type. D’Adamo recommends individuals to engage in physical exercise three to four times a week so that the chemical releases can benefit emotional and physical balance.

Type A blood: Calming exercises such as yoga, Tai Chi and deep breathing exercises benefit this type the most. It is important for this blood type to focus on lowering cortisol levels from stress.

Type B blood: Physical exercises that challenge both the mind and body are important for this blood type. Exercises such as martial arts, basketball, bicycling and golf benefit this type the most.

Type AB blood: Individuals with Type AB blood have to focus on balancing their emotions and finding a release. Three days of cardiovascular exercises benefit this type the most with two days of calming exercises such as tai chi or yoga.
This diet advises organic foods and participating in these blood type diets will likely result in healthier eating choices. Individuals with chronic conditions may have to be cautious of eating foods recommended for their blood type that may not coincide with foods beneficial for their condition. The Blood Type Diet also does not focus on conditions such as high cholesterol, blood pressure or health disease, so care should be taken when considering if this diet fits with each person’s lifestyle.

As with all diets, a doctor’s consultation is necessary to determine if the results will be more helpful than harmful to each individual circumstance. With that said, always consult your doctor before beginning any new drastic diets.

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