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Telemedicine – A Winning Combination

Over the last 20 years, advancements in the field of medicine have been phenomenal. The ability to not only diagnose, but also to cure illnesses that at one point would have killed many people has changed the way we think about health issues. The technological advancements have opened doors, which once were thought impossible to open. From radialogical equipment such as MRI scanners to full body PET scans for early diagnosis of cancers, the benefits continue to grow.

Technological advancements in medicine is not limited to finding cures for deadly diseases. The internet has made it possible to perform many health care services more efficiently and effectively. Years ago doctors only had the option of writing files by hand or having them typed by a medical transcriptionist. Now doctors are able to utilize Telehealth or E‐health to manage their patients medical records and refill prescriptions. Vital information is accessible 24/7 with a simple click of a button.


Having an electronic medical record that is easily accessible can be the difference between life and death for some people. For example, someone with a lethal allergy to medication is hospitalized, but unable to communicate. Having access to their medical history can be the difference between a positive or negative outcome. On many occasions, family members have no idea what medication the patient is taking. Having the ability to access medical records electronically change dramatically change the course of treatment.


Physicians are able to utilize technology to provide a better manner of care for their patients. Virtual consultations afford physicians the opportunity to communicate with specialists in an expedited manner. This not only saves precious time that is crucial for treating the patient, but also cuts the paper trail. The specialist has the possibility to respond via email or even face‐to‐face via video conferencing. This cuts out the “middle man” and can have a huge benefit for treatment of patients.


Home health care and monitoring is made easy with technology. People who are diabetic or have high blood pressure are able to monitor blood sugars or blood pressure, which the results can be sent electronically to their providers. This is especially useful for patients who live in rural communities and don’t have easy access to medical care. Another interesting medical advancement is monitoring systems that are worn by the patient. These units have the capability to monitor heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen in the blood, which is of massive importance for an ill patient.

Even though technological discoveries can be classified as awesome, the real potential of saving more people’s lives is what is important. Integrating technology with medical care can change the way the world views medicine and the healthcare industry. SC Physician Group is eager to be implementing this cutting-edge technology into their medical regimen.

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