sunscreen pill scam
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There’s No Such Thing As A “Sunscreen Pill”

There’s a product scam going around right now that claims taking a pill can protect you from sun damage, just like sunscreen does. In reality, no pill can protect you from harmful UV rays… and the FDA is fighting back.

There Is No Magic Pill

Believe it or not, there’s a few companies out there claiming that their sunscreen-in-a-pill product can be used to protect you from sunburn and UV rays. They’re marketing this as a much easier and more convenient alternative to carefully slathering sunscreen on all exposed parts of your body, figuring that the average lazy person would much rather pop a pill and call it a day.

Of course, their claims are absolutely and unequivocally bogus. There is no existing treatment that works in this way; for now, topical cremes, sprays, and lotions are the only proven way to avoid harmful sun rays that can result in sunburn and eventually skin cancer.

As you might imagine, the FDA is none too pleased about this latest scam, and they’ve already begun taking action against the companies spreading this harmful misinformation. By attempting to make a quick buck, these companies have knowingly placed Americans at risk of bodily harm. Skin cancer is no joke, and it’s important that everyone in our community understands the actual steps they should be taking when it comes to sun protection.


Real, Proven Sun Protection Methods

Don’t worry: even though the supposed “sunscreen pill” isn’t real, there are still a wide variety of options for people who dislike applying sunscreen. For starters, many brand-name sunscreen sprays can work just as effectively as the goopy lotion that people tend to dislike.

If you’re primarily going into the sun to get a tan, consider spray tanning instead. In recent years, spray tanning technology has vastly improved, and is a much safer way to darken your skin without being exposed to UV rays. Of course, spray tans do not protect against the sun, so you’ll still need to apply sunscreen or avoid direct sunlight with a spray tan, but it is a viable option for those mostly going under the sun for appearance-related reasons.

Finally, you could always simply stay in the shade, or bite the bullet and take 3-5 minutes to apply a water-resistant, high SPF sunscreen. That way, you don’t have to worry about prolonged sun exposure as much, especially if you’re good about re-applying.

But whatever you do, don’t fall for this latest sunscreen pill scam… or you’ll end up a lot more than just red in the face.

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