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Virtual Doctor’s Appointment: An Easier Way to See Your Doctor

Is there anything worse than having to go to a doctor’s office when you are sick? Wouldn’t it be nice to receive the care you need from the comfort of your own home?

With telemedicine from Urgent 9, you can access high quality healthcare from the comfort and privacy of your own home. All you need for examinations, diagnosis, advice and prescriptions is an Internet connection.

If you are unsure if an online doctor visit is right for you, consider these benefits:


1. Access to Healthcare Anywhere

With Telemedicine, you can be seen by a doctor anywhere you have a computer and Internet connection. This makes seeing a doctor easy in rural areas where the nearest healthcare provider could be 50 or more miles away. Also, when you’re on vacation and need to see your doctor asap, virtual appointments can really save the day during times like these.


2. Access to Healthcare Anytime

With easy-to-schedule appointments, you can definitely fit a virtual doctor’s appointment into your schedule, not the other way around. Also, you can see a doctor faster when the receptionist tells you that your regular doctor is just “not available at that time.”  For patients in Urgent 9’s local area, you can even follow-up on your virtual doctor visits in LA. Otherwise, Telemedicine’s electronic records can be sent to your regular doctor, which makes follow-up care a snap.


3. Avoid the Wait and the Waiting Room

The last thing you want to do when feeling under the weather is head down to a doctor’s office and wait to be seen. Waiting in itself is miserable, but it is downright torture when you are in a room filled with others and all you want to do is see a doctor. With Telemedicine, you are promptly connected with a healthcare provider at your scheduled appointment time, allowing you to avoid the dreaded waiting room and possible exposure to germs.


4. Improved Outcome

Accurate diagnoses of illnesses and conditions are facilitated by the use of online doctor chat technology, leading to faster healing and better rate of recovery. And if you have a pretty good idea about what ails you, a virtual visit can provide quick diagnosis and prescriptions to get you better faster.

If the condition seems serious or requires blood work done or other tests, you will be asked to come in to see the doctor and get the tests you need. However, at least you’ll skip the first initial step and jump straight to the tests.


5. Efficient Healthcare

A virtual doctor’s appointment can often provide earlier intervention, which translates to faster recovery, reduced spread of germs and diseases to others. It can also reduce the likelihood of multiple follow-up appointments and save on transportation costs.


Telemedicine makes it easy for you to be seen by a doctor anywhere there is an Internet connection, allowing you to take control of your healthcare. When in doubt, book an online appointment here.

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