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Your Mom’s Healthcare: What to Consider

This past weekend, many people took the time to celebrate their mom on Mother’s Day. This holiday, devoted to caretakers and those who are always there when needed, is also a time to consider mom’s health and ask if she needs any help with her healthcare.

There are several questions that you can ask your mom about her health to gauge whether she needs medical care that she isn’t yet seeking on her own. For example, here are a couple of examples of the questions you can ask your mom:

How is Her Heart?

Heart disease is a serious concern for women so it’s important to ask about your mom’s heart health. Things like diet and exercise can greatly improve heart issues and letting your mom know that you care and that you can also be involved in getting healthier can be a great motivation for her. Schedule some time for you to walk together or take a fun fitness class.

Is She Taking Her Medication?

If your mom takes medications on a regular basis, it can be important to ask if she’s remembering to take them and if she needs any help refilling them on time to be sure she doesn’t run out of anything when it’s needed.

Your Mom’s Healthcare:

Sometimes a mother takes better care of others and neglects to take the best care of herself as well.

  • Make sure your mom has a reliable way to get to any doctor appointments and offer to go with her if it’s desired.
  • Offer your help with a diet plan if healthy eating is a concern. Cooking together, or cooking healthy meals for your mom and eating together occasionally is a great way to spend time together.

If your mom is sick, it can be difficult to understand the role you may play in helping her get well again. An adult child can feel hesitant about questioning a parent about personal aspects of their health. Showing your concern can actually help your mother seek help that may be needed.

Be There for Her Like She was There for You

Moms are often focused more on others than themselves and this can lead to a decline in health. The idea of “healthy moms healthy babies” means that a mom first has to take care of her own health to ensure that she is capable of caring for her loved ones.

You can be involved in your mom’s life without being intrusive. Just let her know you’re there for any assistance she needs and inquire often about what she may need help with.

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